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13 Ways to Tell if Your Dog is Smart!

Dog Walk NYC was featured in Reader's Digest!

Are you sad?

"Intelligent dogs are very good at sensing and interpreting your emotions, says Katie Nitti, dog behavior expert and owner of Dog Walk NYC. Had an awful day at work? Fight with your spouse? A smart dog will read your sadness and take steps to comfort you, such as cuddling up with you or refusing to leave your side until your tears dry, she says. Make sure you’re taking care of him too! Try these 19 things your dog really wants from you."

Can I come?!

Being highly observant is another characteristic smart pups share, Nitti says. For instance, when you pull out your suitcase, does your dog recognize it’s a sign that something is about to change (you going on a trip)? She may show her understanding by trying to jump in or hide your suitcase, or stick unusually close to you, Nitti says.


“All dogs love attention, and smart dogs know the best way to get it,” Nitti says. Intelligent dogs will place their head under your hand and “bump” it to prompt you to give them a scratch behind the ears, or they may even “pet” you as an example of how they want you to pet them. Did he used to do this and now doesn’t?

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