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Adventure Days!

A brief Q & A on our popular service.

Q: What exactly is Adventure Day?

A: A day of awesomeness! Adventure Day is an alternative to doggie daycare. Instead of tiring your dog out in a 10 by 10 box, why not let them wear themselves out in nature? We pick up your dog, bring them hiking, to a dog beach, to grassy fields and so on. After hours of play and fun, we wipe them down, pack them back up in the car & drop them off at home.

Q: Will my dog run away off leash?

A: Probably not, but you know your dog best! Does your dog recall well? Play well with other dogs? Know his or her name? The dogs typically stick together and run around as a pack. We have never had an issue with a dog going rogue, but you have to trust your dog off leash. We can also take your dog ON leash - but he or she likely won't have as much fun OR get as tired.

Q: Will my dog get along well with the other dogs?

A: Normally, yes! The dogs play well together and we have not had any issues with dogs fighting. If your dog has any behavioral issues. please let us know.

Q: Can you buckle my dog in the car?

A: Yes, we can provide a dog seatbelt, so long as you provide us with a harness.

Q: Great! Can my dog come?!

A: Sure! Email to be added to our sign up list.

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