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Our Favorite Dog Parks in NYC

We love letting our dogs get some much needed exercise at the dog park! Not only do they get to socialize with other dogs, they get to RUN! And let's be honest, do you really want to get up at 6 am to go for a 5 mile job with your Doodle? I didn't think so.

Prospect Park Dog Beach

Enter at 9 street and head to the pools in the Meadows. (just use google maps!) Enjoy off leash hours at Prospect Park, including the beautiful dog friendly beach! Toss a ball with your dog & then let her cool off with her friends for a dip. Beware, a toxic algae blooms in later summer, it is not safe to let your dog swim.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Dog Run

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 6 One of the largest and nicest dog runs in the city, you can't go wrong here. After tiring out your dog, explore the rest of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Enjoy city views from this water view park that hosts wonderful events almost everyday

Central Park

Arguably the most recognizable and beautiful attraction in NYC, you can't go wrong with Central Park off-leash hours. Before 9 am and after 9pm, take your dog to frolic through Strawberry Fields, sprint through Sheep Meadow or jog together over Gapstow Bridge.

Washington Square Park Dog Run

Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village

A dog park in one of Manhattan's most iconic spots, come for the dog run, stay for the people watching. For you creative folk, get your dog a costume and participate in the annual Halloween Party.

Peter Detmold Park

West of the FDR between 49th and 51st streets. A mix of dirt/grass and stone, this is our favorite park in our Midtown East service area. The park is well maintained and the owners and dogs are some of the best.

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