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Summer Safety Tips

Keep your dog cool and safe in the summer!

Cooling off at the park

Scorching Streets

NYC's streets are hot, literally! Because your dog is closer to the ground, they tend to heat up much quicker than us humans. Below are some tips to keep your dog cool & safe in the summer heat.

Our Top Ten Tips

1. Keep a collapsible water bowl & bottled water on hand.

2. Keep walks brief during heat waves.

3. Make your dog's longer walks or dog park trips in the early morning or evening, when the sun is low in the sky.

4. If you must walk on the asphalt, consider booties if your dog has sensitive paws.

5. Make cool treats, our favorite is a kong filled with peanut butter and thrown in the freezer. Give it to your pup when you arrive back from your walk.

6. Always make sure your dog's water bowl is filled.

7. Never leave your dog in a hot car - even for a few minutes!

8. Keep your home cool, put your AC on low or keep a fan running for your dog.

9. Take your outdoor play somewhere cool, like a dog-friendly beach or up in the mountains. If you can't go, sign them up for one of our Adventure Days!

10. Make sure you know the signs of doggie heat stroke - bring them to the vet if you are concerned they have overheated.

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